It's a good example for you to decorate your house wall more beautifully. You can use them in your wall decor by evaluating the excess items in your home. Or you can assemble the old furniture into the garden and integrate it with your garden.

This is great!

Yoga Bella Sculpture - for a calming presence in your home or garden. Leave her as is or fill her lap with sand and candles, water and floating flowers.

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Novica Handmade Recycled Pencil 'Life in Color' Box (India) (Solid), Multi

Handmade Recycled Pencil 'Life in Color' Box (India)

This handmade creation is offered in partnership with NOVICA, in association with National Geographic. From Mohd Tanveer in India, this decorative box recycles colored pencil stubs.

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Balkon-Ideen für jede Himmelsrichtung