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a cartoon depicting jesus washing his feet in the water with a woman sitting on top of him
Lavatorio de los pies
a hand holding up a card with pictures of people on it and the words love is in
a drawing of a hedge with flowers on its head
"Flower crown hedgehog" Sticker for Sale by MyLastHigh
"Flower crown hedgehog" Sticker by MyLastHigh | Redbubble
a cartoon character holding a flower in his hand
a cartoon character with a butterfly on his nose and hand in front of him, looking at the camera
six different types of icons in circles with the same color and size as well as text
Instagram highlights cover
a birthday card with princesses and the words, come join us for a royal celebration
Las 100 Mejores Frases de Disney ▷ Frases de amor, graciosas y nostálgicas.