valeria contigiani

valeria contigiani

valeria contigiani
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Waking Life

Waking Life is an exploration of the chakras, alchemy, totemical and elemental symbology and the awakening of human consciousness. x length and width (standard)

Una introducción a la filosofía del microcosmos, imágenes y citas que muestran que el hombre es el espejo del cosmos y que su anatomía es una especie de templo para establecer una reconexión con la divinidad

The universe is within us and the mosques, temples & churches are within us. Hell is in us and Heaven dwells within us. We carry the divine dimensions of light and love within us. We carry destruction and creation within us. We are the ultimate vehicle &


"I created this PDF guide and short video to go over a few Sacred Geometry symbols, their names and meanings - learn more and how to create your own Sacred Geometry artwork (click the image to watch)." By Skybox Creative