22 sutiles y perfectos tatuajes minimalistas que querrás hacerte en este preciso instante

Tatuajes pequeños para mujeres

stickandpoketattoo: “Minimalist hand poked baby lotus flower tattoo on the ankle. Tattoo Artist: Ann Pokes ”For Laila

" Lejla remarked, inclining her head to the inked on lightning bolt. Sarah, who had been too sensible to get a drunk tattoo, shrugged. "At least you didn't get storm clouds all across your body," she told Strzałka.

DFT aka Differantly is a creative duo specialized in line art. With their singular one line drawing style, they deconstruct complex imagery into minimalist art.

10 Places To Get Tattoo On Your Body

Maybe different placement but I like these trees vs. the cartooney looking palms. Palms Tree by Marla Moon

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