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Valentina Galaz

Valentina Galaz
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Kodaly Inspired Classroom: Monday Music Manipulatives - 4 Beat Rhythm Blocks

Kodaly Inspired Classroom - 4 Beat Rhythm Blocks - such a fun manipulative to use in the elementary music room. Perfect for dictation, decoding rhythm patterns, composing new patterns, figuring out the rhythms of a song, music centers and more!


"I feel like the only reason I have any friends at all is because I'm always careful not to say something totally dumb, and if I blow it just one time, then that's it." -Barbara Kingslover, The Bean Trees

El alma reclama amor y dolor, aventuras y desgracias, dichas y rechazos, solo asi la mantienes funcionando como debe ser. Una fina maquinaria inviaible e incorporea.

Here, you can really feel the air that girl is feeling too. With her hair all over the place, you can assume that the wind source is coming from below her and makes her hair move. Her hair is also very nice!