Fabrica tus propios maceteros en forma de jardín vertical para la terraza o jardín con maderas de palet.

Maceteros para la terraza a partir de dos palets

Pallet gardening is a garden ideas by using pallets. Pallets make you enable to build pots, wall shelves and small balconies. Pallet ideas surely help you to fulfill your interest of gardening. More

Jardines de invierno de estilo rural de MC3 Arquitetura . Paisagismo . Interiores

Jardines de interior ¡7 claves para presumir!

Fire Sense Patio Heater: We Explain The Main Types Of Patio Heaters, & Look At 3 Good Quality Infrared Heaters That Will Suit Most Outdoor Spaces!


19 plantas de interior sin mantenimiento

These 19 Easiest Houseplants are perfect for lazy, busy and newbies, who want to plant easy indoor plants that grow with minimal care.


Plantas de interior purificadoras

6 Air Purifying House Plants - Bamboo Palm Snake Plant Areca Plant Spider Plant Peace Lily Gerbera Daisy Removes formaldahyde, carbon monoxide, mold spores and absorbing nitrogen oxides.

Como hacer una maceta con sistema de sub-irrigación con una botella de plástico

How to make a Sub-Irrigated Planter. I'm not sure I would use a two liter plastic bottle though. Over time I would fear the plastic breaking down enough to poison the plant. Perhaps a wine bottle instead.

Las 7 mejores plantas para tener en el baño

Las 7 mejores plantas para tener en el baño

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Plantas de interior para perfumar tu hogar

Plantas de interior para perfumar tu hogar

Renowned for being one of the most fragrant flowers around, gardenia is a lovely, but tricky houseplant. Test Garden Tip: Keep your gardenia happy by periodically using a fertilizer formulated for acid-loving plants such as azaleas