ME: COOL HANDLES! knotted handles, through re-inforced holes. make a fabric belt tie, use a scarf.

Amazing Embroidery by Corinne Sleight | Художественная вышивка Corinne Sleight

Amazing Embroidery by Corinne Sleight

Lush floral art by Jo Jiménez // floral embroidery // mixed media art

Lush Floral Art Created with a Fusion of Paint and Stitches

Artist Jo Jimenez creates lush floral art using a combination of painting and stitching. The results are bouquets on canvas and leather.

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Tulle embroidery by Krista Decor // bird embroidery // floral embroidery // hoop art

Delicate Tulle Embroidery Looks Like It's Floating in Mid-Air

Cojin con bordado a mano peruano.

Off White Peruvian pillow embroidered cushion cover alpaca handmade Peru decorative embroidery colorful boho-chic eclectic Peru

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Detail shot of Matthew Williamson SS15 Embroidery

Detail shot of Matthew Williamson Embroidery Always looking for great detail shots of needlework this satisfies on so many levels. Long and Short Stitch heaven, look how neatly hidden they are.