It seems straightforward, but "Nighthawks" is a deceptively simple piece of art.  15 Things You Might Not Know About 'Nighthawks' | Mental Floss

15 Things You Might Not Know About Nighthawks

The mystery behind Edward Hopper's Nighthawks has tour buses stopping at an empty lot in Greenwich Village telling tourists, 'here is where the d.

Frida Kahlo - what a beautiful woman and artist ! x

[Image Description: Photo of Frida Kahlo sitting in a chair, smoking, flowers in her hair in a bun, with an i-don’t-give-a-shit look on her face] batnap: “ oddlymade: “ Frida Kahlo ” i love the.

publicidades antiguas de cigarrillos - Buscar con Google

Publicidad Argentina Antigua 2da parte

No sabemos qué es el amor aunque lo hayamos experimentado, probablemente sea una de las definiciones más complicadas de realizar, porque el amor es contradicción. Aquellos que no lo han experimentado y sueñan con él lo imaginan ideal y necesitan aclarar sus definiciones, porque no haber amado es no odiar y querer a alguien al …

Poemas para quienes no han conocido el amor

urgetocreate: call-me-mogo: Nigel Van Wieck, “Q Train”, from the Working Girl series, pastel on paper, Nigel Van Wieck is an American artist who lives and works in New York. (mistakenly attributed to Edward Hopper)

Publicidad Argentina Antigua

Publicidad Argentina Antigua 2da parte

Bizcochos CANALE. Publicidad argentina de 1950.

Canals Biscuits "Twice Prepared" "When family humor ads reflected our culture's values instead of trying to lower them.

"Cosa golda" Chocolate Jack con sorpresa! (like Kinder chocolate egg)

Galletas de los 80´ !!!

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