98 Pins
a text message that reads, gaste un sudo enero en un celular no suena nunca
TuSecreto.io | Secreto de un hombre de 22 años
a black and white photo with the words no me has dejado de gustar, solo accept que no te podia tener
two texts that are in spanish and english, one has an image of the same person
the words merry crisss written in red spray paint on a closed door with roller shutters
a painting of a skeleton sitting at a table with a green backpack in front of it
Chalé Bro :'(
a sign that is posted on the side of a building with pictures of people in it
Amor no correspondido(pausada Temporalmente)
a skeleton with a bird sitting on top of it
Welcome to the Autismo Show
an anime scene with the caption that reads,'ests fueron las palabras que siemre quise oir?
cartoon characters with captioning in spanish, and an image of the same character
Sanya, Humor Mexicano, Funny Spanish Memes
an animal that is holding something in it's hand with the caption,
Memes sobre la escuela - Algo diferente 9
three different types of words in spanish and english, with the caption's above them
tu web para ver, votar y compartir memes en español.
an anime character with blue hair and the caption that says, earth - chan
memes y imagenes de bnha :v y otros