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elliott smith
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Just let me…
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Elliott Smith - A Passing Feeling (Alternate Mix)
Elliott Smith - A Passing Feeling (Alternate Mix) by Elliott Smith Essentials | Free Listening on SoundCloud
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Elliott Smith ★ Photobook
🏷 #elliottsmith #elliott #90s #1990 #portland #indie #folk #music #heatmiser #strangerthanfiction #80s
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Elliott Smith ★
🏷 #elliottsmith #elliott #90s #1990 #portland #indie #folk #music #heatmiser #strangerthanfiction #80s
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the mug shot of steve p smith, who was charged for possession in connection with another person
elliott smith
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Willamette Week
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Looking at Elliott Smith
Elliott Smith was nothing short of extraordinary. The legacy of the late singer-songwriter, whose melancholy melodies became the unofficial soundtrack of Gen X, has loomed over music history. But when his self-titled second album came out in 1995 it was largely ignored by the press. To help do him justice, the Kill Rock Stars label is releasing an expanded 25th anniversary edition of the album, accompanied by a book of previously unseen photographs.