Tutoriales y DIYs: Falda para niña

DIY – Square Circle Skirt-this is too cute and yet so simple! This would be so fun to adapt to an adult size. Maybe use more squares?

Tutoriales y DIYs: Reciclar tapas de botes - Acerico

pin cushion from a jar top. I would screw it back onto the jar and keep all the pins in it.

Tutoriales y DIYs: Agujas para máquina de coser según la tela

Sewing needles I cannot stress enough how nice it is to use the correct needle for the correct job. Ballpoint on knits help with pucker and pulls. Feather's Flights Basics of Sewing Machine Needles

Patrones gratis - Monederos

DIY Cute Purse Templates, coin purses from fabric scraps for little girls to carry in their big girl purses.