5 Piece Cardboard Lounge Chair

5 Piece Cardboard Lounge Chair

Cactus en macetas personalizadas con pintura

Ideas para decorar interiores con cactus. Plantas de interiores.

Need some ideas to display your plants indoor and outdoor? Here you go: We have listed a lot of easily made plant stand ideas to put some greenery accent to your home.

Félix Guyon (La Firme) :: Label chair

Designed by Felix Guyon for Canadian LA FIRME the "Label Chair" is an inventive ultra-thin modern folding chair that can also be used as wall art.


52 Create – Flat Pack Rocking Chair

52 Create, my weekly creative output for I guaranteed something more ambitious this week, and here it is! I call it "For those who Like to Rock". It's a flat pack rocking chair made out of.

Asientos de madera con mucho diseño  Líneas simples para un sillón adaptable a distintos estilos.    / zeitlosberlin.com

Asientos de madera con mucho diseño

Pictures for an idea of building a Chair by the brazilian designer Carlos Motta made of recycled massive wood - 5200 €