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a wooden mask mounted to the side of a wall
a deer antler lamp sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
DIY Hirschgeweih - Lampe No. 2
a wooden wall with a clock and deer antlers hanging from it's side
the light fixture is made from an old piece of wood and has many bulbs hanging from it
Finding a One-of-a-Kind Centerpiece for Your Mountain Modern Home - Mountain Living
a wooden table sitting under a light fixture next to a metal chair and potted plants
16 Man Cave Ideas & DIY Designs | Eastwood Homes
an antler's head is hanging from the ceiling in this rustic cabin style chandelier
DIY Geweih-Lampe
a light fixture made out of antlers hanging from a wooden structure with rope and bulbs
a dining room table with lights hanging from the ceiling
a wall mounted deer heads and antlers in a room