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a drawing of a man with black hair and piercings on his ears, sitting in front of a white background
⭐︎Code Names ⭐︎(A Camp Half Blood x Camp Jupiter x Zodiacs Crossover) - ⭐︎Characters⭐︎
#wattpad #adventure "The twelve zodiac spirits have come down to this world, All inhabiting six boys and six girls, Demigods fear that something is up, For the fall of the signs is the fall of Olympus. From the west to the east, the twelve must go To find the thirteenth zodiac, who lays low, Ilium's cursed prophetess...
a drawing of a person holding a cell phone with hearts on it's face
two people are looking at each other with ear buds in their ears and one is listening to music
The Art of Mijin Jeon
a drawing of a young man with his hand on his head
a toy truck with eggs in the back and a stuffed animal sitting in the driver's seat
TikTok · Courtney Renae Films
there is a christmas quilt on the couch
Christmas Advent Blanket CAL | Cute Crochet Makes
Christmas Advent Blanket CAL
the crochet flower is being worked on by someone using yarn to make it
Fruit Flower Crochet Tutorial
Fruit Flower Crochet Tutorial
two pictures with different types of hair and one has a unicorn hat on the top
Mermaid Crown Free Crochet Pattern + Video - DIY Magazine
Mermaid Crown Free Crochet Pattern + Video
Willow Granny Square
Granny Square Willow Crochet Tutorial and Video
Crochet this Granny Square Willow with free video tutorial walk through and pattern on the blog
a crocheted cross is hanging on a wall next to some flowers and yarn
Crochet Easter Cross Wall Hanging - FREE Pattern 2021
a crocheted flower with a paintbrush in it sitting on a white surface
Crochet Daisy Flower - Repeat Crafter Me