DIY: nail and yarn text wall art

Weddbook ♥ Weddbook ♥♥ DIY: nail and yarn wall art. You can design your walls with colorful yarns and nails easily.

Home-made notebooks with gold leaf

v-iew: “ dietcokeandasmoke: “ andwhatalicesaw: “ (via notions / gold foil journals) ” c h i c ” that gold foil, swoon ”

Altered Appliances by Piet Zwart Institute students

Altered Appliances by Piet Zwart Institute students / Patterned rolling pins that make edible plates and a meat grinder that squeezes out biodegradable bowls are among a set of kitchen products on show at Ventura Lambrate in Milan this week.

Trend Bible AW 13/14 Celebrate

Fall / Winter home trends - Celebrate. Be sure to click through to the site for a more detailed description of this trend.

Giant gift wrap bows

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