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roosters and chickens with the words rooster or hen? 5 ways to tell male vs female chicks
Hen or Rooster Chicks? How to Tell the Difference Between Male and Female Chicks (with Photos)
Wondering if your baby chicks are male or female? Come learn 5 ways to tell the difference between young a hen vs rooster, including wing feather differences, week-by-week changes in comb or waddles, size, behavior, and other ways to help sex a chicken. Plenty of photos and handy chart included! The article also discusses what to do with unwanted roosters.
a wooden structure made out of pallets in the grass
Shed for my riding lawn mower made out of pallets! Super easy!
the baby chicks are being held in their mother's hands, with text overlaying
Raising Baby Chicks 101 - The Best Beginner's Guide on Raising Chicks Week-by-Week
Are you raising baby chicks for the first time, or simply need a refresher? Come learn everything you need to know in our Chick Care Guide for Beginner's. It includes week-by-week tips from arrival day to moving outdoors, including the supplies needed, how to set up a brooder, DIY brooder ideas, heater and brooder temperature chart, feed, water, treats, health issues to be aware of, introducing chickens to a new flock, and more.
a wooden post sticking out of the grass next to a fence
Building a Chicken Run for Beginners
Building a Chicken Run for Beginners: 7 Steps (with Pictures)
two chickens in the sand with text overlay that reads, 15 things to add in your chicken dust bath and 7 not to
15 Things to Add in Your Chicken Dust Bath (and 7 Not To)
the best chicken coop deodorizer for chickens and other small animals in a backyard
How to Get Rid of Chicken Coop Smell
an image of chickens and chicken eggs in the grass with text that reads how i make $ 1, 000 a month from 15 chickens
100+ Ways to Make Money Farming That are Perfect for 2024
a woman holding a chicken in her hands with the title chick care 101 how to raise healthy and friendly chickens
Baby Chick Care 101: Brooders, Heat, Health & More
Spring is here, aka chick season! Come learn everything you need to know to raise happy, healthy, friendly baby chicks - with tips on brooders, heating, food, treats, growth, health indicators and more. #Chickens #chicks #brooder
three ducks sitting in the dirt near a wire fence with text reading raising ducks for meat
Raising Ducks for Meat
Raising Ducks for Meat | Bramblewood Hill
some white eggs are laying in hay and straw with the words best duck breeds to raise for
Raising Ducks for Eggs
a small house with a glass roof in the yard
chicken coop plans for the backyard with pictures and instructions on how to build one or more
The Ultimate Chicken Coop Guide: All Your Questions Answered
Ever wondered about the perfect size of a chicken coop or the ideal number of nesting boxes needed? This comprehensive guide answers all your burning questions about coop design and even offers insightful tips on choosing the right location, effective ventilation, and the best bedding choice for your chickens.
an image of a dog in the park with text overlay that reads, what is silvopasture? get more out of your land
Silvopasture- What is it and what are the benefits to treed pasture?
a brown rat sitting on top of a sidewalk next to green plants and grass with the caption, farmer shares a two - ingredient recipe to effectively get rid of mice and rats
Farmer shares a two-ingredient recipe to effectively get rid of mice and rats
chickens in a field with the words why our chickens stopped laying it was all our fault
Our Chickens Stopped Laying Eggs
Winter is always a time of low production because of shorter days with less sunlight, but this year we accidentally stressed our laying hens and they stopped laying, just like that. Continue reading to see what happened and what we'll do differently next year.