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Lavender with a little bit of blue in it nails with a black and white puppy dog on three of the nails. The pinky has dog print paws and the thumb is the same.

Different take on the Lace Braid!

Tie hair up in high, tight ponytail. Start a two-strand braid from two small pieces of hair both on one side of the ponytail. Every three or four crossings of the braids, take a thin bunch from the other side of the ponytail and join it wi

Dale la bienvenida al 2015 con alguno de estos 15 lindos peinados. También puedes tomar estas ideas como inspiración para crear tu propio look de fiesta, lo importante es probar y jugar con tu pelo ¿Cuál es tu peinado preferido? ¡Déjanos un comentario al final del post! 1 Clásico y elegante, perfecto para un vestido…

Wanting to show off your backless holiday dress, or maybe you need to spruce up that second-day hair? Give our Party Perfect Ponytail Hair Tutorial a go!

Y ahora que estan de moda las trenzas, que mejor que ponerles un toque bien bonito no? algo bastante original, que se me hace muy vintage y juvenil <3

High school - a phase in between ponytails and elegant updos. If you& stumped on ideas, browse through our list of 15 hairstyles for high school girls!

Peinados paso a paso que debes intentar este San Valentin ⋮ Es la moda

How cute is this bow bun? DIY hair bow bun tutorial, Hairstyle, Haircuts – Step By Step Hair Tutorial, Joshua Perets Lifestyle

trenza en corazon paso a paso

Sød ide til valentinsdag❤️ Heart-shaped hairstyle. With curly hair, the look would prob be less obvious, in a perfectly romantic -yet more grown up- kind of way


Love these cute double braided pigtails. Double braids are a nice style for getting guys used to having your hair done. And they're cute and functional!