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a brown horse with black bridle standing in front of a white wall and looking off into the distance
Nicole Schultz
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a man holding the reins of a brown horse in front of a brick building and green bushes
Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes Winner American Pharoah. 6/2015
a person leading a brown horse on a leash
Joe Drape's 'American Pharoah' is a champ
American Pharoah as a weanling in the summer of 2012
jockeys on horses racing in the dirt
W.O.W. American Pharaoh winning the Kentucky Derby.
a brown horse standing on top of a brick road next to a building and bushes
American Pharoah
a white and black horse standing on top of a dirt road
a horse is running through the snow in front of a white background vinyl wall mural mammals
a brown horse with white socks and black boots
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Nice presentation - stunning color! Simply gorgeous animal!
a white and black horse running in the snow
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a white horse is trotting in the dirt near a fence and some bushes
Terrific shot! ~Source: javidelucar........The jumping is also natural. They do jump. the gate is a high stepping strut. That too is natural. The trainers perfect them for show.
a painting of a white horse with black spots on it's face and tail
a brown and white horse standing on top of a grass covered field with clouds in the background
a white horse is galloping through the grass
Horses Stock Photography, Equine Images and Video Production by Mark J. Barrett