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a large rusted metal sign sitting in front of a building with trees and grass
Mini-Me Mailboxes Add Curb Appeal
Weathered steel for custom mailboxes serving modern homes. This post, which also doubles as a mount for the address.
a red metal sign with the number twenty four on it's side hanging on a wall
Custom Modern House Numbers Vertical Offset in Rusted Steel | Etsy
Custom Modern House Numbers Vertical Offset in Rusted Steel The Modern and Sleek house number sign made from 16ga rusted and sealed steel. For
a wooden floor with numbers and a clock on it
Números de domicilio hechos de metal
a room filled with lots of plants and lights on the windows sill next to a door
Maceteros a partir de dos palets
Fabrica tus propios maceteros en forma de jardín vertical para la terraza o jardín con maderas de palet.
an outdoor bbq with firewood and lights on it
Outdoor kitchen with natural wood and stone
two wooden sticks sticking out of the ground next to each other on a white background
perchero de pie diseño raíz madera paraiso neoda
a wooden coat stand with three branches on it
Coming B Perchero de pie, diseño de árbol
Perchero de pie, diseño de árbol con Coming B Coming B
several different types of tools are shown in this collage
El Costurero Magazine
Colgador. El Costurero: Espacios creativos: colgados
an office filled with desks and people working on computers in front of a projector screen
20th St. Offices / Belzberg Architects
Nice to see that one's unique approach to lighting design gets an outing elsewhere. Maybe I'm doing something right!
a living room with shelves and a flat screen tv mounted on the side of it
Destaque: Painel com revestimento de madeira (parecem tijolinhos de madeira)
a white table topped with lots of different colored pieces of furniture on top of it
plane furniture exhibition views
Simplicity, use of natural material, very neat, very modern geometric design creates some extremely #coolchairs. DIY project anyone?
a wooden shelf with two glasses on it and one empty glass in the bottom drawer
Solid #wood #sideboard with doors NEUS by @JoaDesignedBy | #design Sébastien Boucquey