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an industrial style bar with stools and wooden counter tops, along with hanging lights
Bistro 11, Cracovia, 2014 - Superpozycja Architekci
a coffee shop with an old fashioned sign on the counter and chairs in front of it Decoración
the inside of a coffee shop with lots of counter space
Cool (or not)
Cool (or not)
the inside of a bakery with wooden floors
Philadelphia's renowned coffee roasting company, La Colombe, sits in a giant refurbished Fishtown warehouse that is part restaurant, part bakery and part bar. (Photo by @ninjanellephant on Instagram)
two hands are shown with the words in spanish
Planeta Equivocado - Miles de Imagenes Divertidas para Enviar o Compartir
Planeta Equivocado
albert einstein quote about life and love in spanish with an image of the famous scientist
Miles de frases, citas y refranes
the interior of a deli with vending machines and food items on display in it
Colour option:Charcoal, White and Timber
a poster with different types of surfboards on the front and back of each one
Trucos para hacer sonreír a tu cliente y facturar más #infografia #infographic #marketing
Trucos para hacer sonreír a tu cliente y facturar más
there are many tables and chairs outside the store
Resultado de imagen para diseño de drugstores
a store front with lots of items on display
Resultado de imagen para nombres para maxikiosco
the inside of a grocery store with food on display and lights hanging from the ceiling
Esta convenience store es una reinvención del antiguo Select de la misma estación
three display cases that have different designs on the front and back of each case, one with
Exhibidores y Muebles
Tu Maxikiosco: Exhibidores y Muebles
an image with the words'como pretendes voltar, si no te aleias de los que tus
Cómo pretendes volar*
an old poster with some type of writing on it's back side, and the words in different languages
Security Check Required
10 Principales Fundamentos Para Cambiar El Mundo. Gandhi.