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a woman laying on top of a yoga mat in front of a wall with words above her
#estiramientos #movilidadarticular #ejercicioconsciente #ejerciciosaludable #entrenamiento #entrenaencasa #salud #dolor #dolordeespalda #espalda #cadera #cuerposano #mentesana | Muevete Con Rosa
Get Out Of Bed, Push Yourself, Stick It, Leg Muscles, Washing Dishes, Number Two, Free Consultation, Getting Out
938K views · 44K reactions | VE A MI PERFIL PARA MÁS TIPS DE SALUD⚕️ #medico #doctorcris #salud #fugitivosdeldolor #tipsdesalud | By Dr. Cristhian Aguilar | Here are three tips to relieve your back pain. That's the number one tip. Learn how to get out of bed. When we get up too fast we generate a lot of effort on the down side and that's going to hurt us a lot. And more if you already have a problem with lower back pain. So this is what you need to do. First you have to turn completely sideways like a plank and leave your feet stretched or slightly bent. That is step one. Step number two bring your knees to your chest and step three you're going to support with your elbow and with your fist you're going down a little bit your feet to generate a counterweight and you're going push yourself up and you're gonna get up. This will put less effort on your back and it will help you a lot. Tip number two. Learn to lift things off the ground. If you're a woman who weighs approximately between fifty to sixty pounds. You shouldn't lift objects that weigh more than five pounds. And if you're a male, you usually shouldn't carry things that weigh more than ten pounds. This is the way let's set an example, if you are a woman and you are going to lift say a basket of dirty clothes that do not weigh more than five kilos you would have to do it the following way, always bending your knees taking the object from the bottom as you can and you're going to lift it but with the strength of your legs, not with your back, because that will end up hurting you a lot, and very important, what you lifted, always have to stick it to the abdomen, to the center of if you stick it to the center of g rock the weight you bring loading will go towards the leg muscles and to the floor instead if you separate it from your abdomen all the weight you are carrying will go directly to your back and it will hurt you then always well glued to your spine into your abdomen and if you are going to leave it on the floor again is bend my knees and deposit it on the ground so I will not hurt my spine and that is the third and last tip and very important learn to distribute the weight of your body if you are one of the people who last a long time standing being bent men or women at the time of being more than half an hour and you get up there will hurt example women washing dishes or dishes in a man doing some manual activity l long time down when you wake up it's gonna hurt like hell what we gotta do?. Have a bench either a box or a stone whatever measures a height about thirty centimeters and when you go a long time bent or bent you have to take your foot up to a stool and you will see the difference that cu and you long squatting and getting up your back won't hurt why?. Because your weight you transferred it to the bank then learn to transfer your weight when it is standing for a long time. I just gave you a free consultation. If you want more free consultations follow me for more content doctor Cris.
Relax espalda
a drawing of a woman laying down on a yoga mat
Estiramientos: Guia básica ilustrada de estiramientos.
a man with his back turned to the camera, and text that reads 5 mins
a bald man wearing a blue polo shirt and pointing to the side with his hands
¿QUÉ EJERCICIO DEBO HACER? #fisioterapiatualcance
The Originals
1.7K views · 370 reactions | ENLACE al canal en mi BIO | Melik Pilates | melikpilates · Original audio
an image of a man on a mat with the words lumbalaga 30 minutos
Rutina de ejercicios para la lumbalgia de 30 minutos, HAZ LOS EJERCICIOS CONMIGO
Pie, Chronic Pain, Reflexology, Pastel, Summer Somewhere, The Poison, 9 Am, Acupressure
125K views · 24K reactions | 🌿 Adiós al dolor de espalda baja: Liberá tus caderas 🌿 ¿Sufrís de dolor en la espalda baja? Las caderas bloqueadas pueden ser las culpables. Esta zona del cuerpo es crucial para nuestra movilidad y, cuando está rígida, puede causar tensión y malestar en la espalda. 😣 ✨ En mi próxima clase gratuita de yoga, te mostraré cómo liberar esa energía atrapada en tus caderas y aliviar el dolor de espalda baja, devolviéndote la comodidad y el bienestar. 🌸 🗓️ Martes a las 9 am (hora Argentina) 📲 Escribí “martes” en los comentarios y te envío la invitación. CUIDARTE ES QUERERTE Y MOVERTE ES MANTENERTE JOVEN 🌟 No pierdas esta oportunidad de mejorar tu salud y sentirte mejor cada día. 🌟 #SanasYFelices #YogaMicYa #DolorDeEspalda #CaderasSaludables #BienestarFemenino #YogaParaMujeres #EquilibrioEmocional | Patricia Ramos | The Poison Oaks · Summer Somewhere
a nude woman laying on the floor in front of a window
Eso es lo que pasa cuando doblas las rodillas todas las noches
Tutorial back massage
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