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an anime character with blue hair and purple eyes, holding a stick in her hand
an anime character with white hair and brown eyes
two pictures with the same person wearing a suit and tie, one has a hat on his head
an animal that is looking at the camera with captioning in spanish above it
Chiste del conejo y el tigre, los nombres de los animalitos.
the numbers are written in spanish and have different types of electronic devices on them, as well as symbols
Memes o algo parecido :v
harry potter and hermione's tattoos with the words in spanish on them
an image of a cartoon character holding a book and pointing to it with the caption reggaeton
[•D.V siendo clase-D•]
a woman in a yellow dress with her hands up and the words written below it
Quédate Conmigo (Steve Rogers Y Tú) - SHIEL.