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a walkway lit up with lights in the dark at night, surrounded by palm trees
Urban Light | park | shadow filter
The use of filters to imitate natural light and shade effects on paths can make urban walking more relaxing because the resulting effect calls to mind a visual experience typical of a natural landscape, unconsciously triggering the feelings of relaxation typically experienced in that environment.
an empty parking garage with the lights on and no one in it at night time
Garden walkway in lighting ideas
Garden walkway in lighting ideas
Garden walkway in lighting ideas
an empty street under a bridge next to tall buildings
Way out to main gate
a stone path with steps lit up at night
Design Service
the light is shining on the side of an old brick building with a stone tower in the background
Atelier-r creates Corten tourist routes around ruins of Czech Republic castle
an outdoor area with concrete planters and lights on the side of it at night
an empty walkway between two buildings with palm trees in the background at dusk or dawn
The Walky wall / recessed fittings range - iGuzzini
Casa Fischer - Almeria, Spain – Client: Junta de Andalucía. Consejería de Economía y Hacienda - Architectural project: Ramón de Torres López – Photo: Pepe Morón - Lighting products by iGuzzini Illuminazione #iGuzzini #Lighting #Light #Luce #Lumière #Licht #Hospitality&Living #Walky #TechnologyAndDesign #MiniaturisedForm