Let's learn embroidery: Kamal kadai, which originated in India, and which involves lines and weaving. An interesting technique for your next hand embroidery project.

several embroidery stitches from "Samplers and stitches; a handbook of the embroiderer's art" (1921)

zig zag coral stitch, Knotted Embroidery Stitches - From The "Samplers & Stitches" Handbook (By Mrs Archibald Christie, London


Cretan stitch variation - Featherstitch - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia …

english: petal chain german: Margeritenstich, einzelne Kettenstiche

CHAINED STITCHES: vocabulary Petal Chain Stitch design by Mrs. Christie London Various forms of chain stitch on this site!

Shisha Embroidery Stitch Variation 3

Stitch Fun! Shisha Stitch – Variation 2

Shisha Embroidery Stitch Variation I did a lot of this when I was 13 and first taught myself and had noo idea it is considered an advanced form of embroidery. I wonder where I could find the tiny mirrors these days