¿Cómo hacer un paso borla 2

ok IDEA __Tutorial showing how to do buttonhole stitches to cover the top of a handmade tassel. Truly elevates the sophistication and beauty of the tassel.

Bellos y divertidos colores

Turquoise Silk tassel Purse Charm Hmong fabric by midgetgems


Cork & Paper Tassels/ Pinner said:I made about a dozen of these, used old book paper, sheet music, maps, and japanese printed tissue paper. Used up a bunch of old jewelry bits for dangles. It was fun to work certain themes for certain people - gifties!

Capas de llavero Bling borla borla llavero borla por midgetgems

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Beauty Colorful Keychain Beadwork Pom poms and by KhumWiengKham

Beauty Colorful Keychain, Beadwork, Pom poms and Tassel, Zip Pull, Bag Accessory Decoration Handmade.

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A variety of tassel designs - by Carol Blackburn * when there are adjacent tassels, make the center one longest

Borla bolso Swag borla bolsa cuentas encanto borla por midgetgems

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