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the silhouettes of wild animals are shown in front of an orange sunset
Diamond Art Painting
an image of two baby elephants on a piece of paper that has been sewn together
Diamin Art Painting
a cross stitch picture of a pink flower in water
two large plastic storage containers with dividers and lids are stacked on top of each other
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a piece of art with words on it
an elephant is made out of beads on a purple background with blue and yellow patterns
i love you to the moon and back cross - stitch pattern on fabric with sequins
I love you to the moon & back Diamond dots
This is all circle dots. I changed out the color of the stars and the yellow with diamond dots that sparkle. Sealed with Triple Thick. Just one coat to finalize it.
a cross - stitch pattern with the words be yourself on it
Bee yourself Diamond Dots (circle dots)
This one is for beginners. I changed up a few of the colors and added sparkle dots in replacement of the regular dots. To finalize this i topped it with a coat of satin mod podge to seal it all in place after rolling over it with a lot of pressure with a brayer!