Proyectos decorativos con bloques de cemento

5 Ways to Use Cinder Blocks in the Garden ? Lots of creative projects, ideas and tutorials! Including, from & by step& they show you how to do these diy concrete block stairs.


Proyectos decorativos con bloques de cemento

We could make our home more beautiful with cinder block planter ideas on your terrace, front yard or backyard. Take a look our cinder block collections .Read More.

Es muy fácil preparar una cesta colgante aunque pueden comprarse montadas y con las plantas crecidas resultan caras, así que vamos a ver cómo podemos prepararla nosotros mismos

Cómo preparar una cesta colgante con flores

mini jardines

Pin for Later: The Genius Flowerpot Trick You've Never Thought of Before Showcase your succulents in a new way.

amé  esta forma de decorar mi jardín... muy diferente y creativo

The largest size (powder-free) surgical gloves you can find A fast-setting cement (Quikrete© Vinyl Concrete Patch works well) Play sand or an empty pot for use in forming the hands A razor blade Small pieces of cardboard Rubber band(s)


Proyectos decorativos con bloques de cemento

It often only takes one signature project or DIY to give your outdoor space an entirely new identity. Here are transformative ways to take things up a notch and give your patio or deck a major style boost.

Building It On Pennies: Topsy Turvy Strawberry Planter (Part - take rebar and pound into ground

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1 Easy Hanging Easy Hanging Planter: Sometimes when you move from one space to another, you realize how much (or how little) you really have of something.

Do you have a birdcage lying around and taking up space? Turn it into a hanging garden! LJA from "All Things Plants" has turned this old birdcage into a nice hanging succulent garden! More information: All Things Plants website !

~ Hanging Air Plants ~ O ne of the latest workshops at Hutch repurposes a glass jar and an old spoon creating a whimsical hanging pla.