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there are many glass items on the table and one has a teapot, cup, saucer, spoon
Preparando la mesa navideña!
there is a candle that is on the table next to some other items and a clock
a white table topped with yellow and blue items
black and white photograph of glassware on table with pineapple candle holder in background
there are many different types of glassware on the table together, including pineapples and wine goblets
Mercado Shops
there is a clock on the wall next to plates and bowls with candles in them
Mercado Shops
a black table topped with white dishes and glass vases next to eachother
Mercado Shops
Copa Acrilico Trama Arabescos Transparente Copas
a table topped with bowls and plates filled with fruit next to a sign that says come in we're open
Mercado Shops
Plato Metal Enlozado Blanco 24 Cm. Diametro
there are many toy animals and doughnuts on the grass near blue boards with lights
Mercado Shops
Powerbank Unicornio Power Bank Cargador Portatil
a ceramic bear with pencils sticking out of it's head
Mercado Shops
Lapicero Osito, Ceramica Pintada A Mano Esmaltada
glass jars and glasses are lined up on the counter next to a clock, which reads twelve o'clock
Mercado Shops
Copa Vidrio Grueso Labrado Diamantes Azul 350 Ml
several jars and glasses are sitting on a table next to a wooden wall with wood paneling
Copa Licuado Milkshake Classic 50s Vidrio
copa licuado milkshake classic 50s vidrio
there are many different signs on this wooden table, including one for the open sign
Frasco Deco Con Planta Artificial Terrario Plantita
deco planta artificial,
a table topped with lots of assorted items
a table topped with lots of different types of dishes and cups on top of a wooden table
Lapicero O Florero Animalitos Ceramica Adorno Deco
lapicero o florero animalitos ceramica adorno deco