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a toy house made out of bricks and stone with a figurine on the outside
a hand holding an old book in front of a store shelf with other items on it
a model of a building with a green roof and two spires on the top
La cattedrale - The cathedral
an advertisement for a model church with the words rt - diorama on it
Churches, castles
an image of a window on the app
picture of medieval windows | graphics
an image of a window in a brick wall
And now for something completely different……………
1:6 Scale Flooded Crypt with Sarcophagus. Inspired by Flickr member Oksana_frost’s Ghost and Vampire Barbie’s. Is this too morbid for Barbie collectors ? It’s not lost on me that even the Ghost Barbie has a smile on her face so this might be a little much…………………… I murdered a regular Barbie to make the Shrouded Repose for the Sarcophagus lid
an image of a brick building with measurements
Cloisters - Garden Divider - Romantic Garden - Redwood Stone
an image of a stone church with stained glass windows and statues on the front wall
Mini Monsters - wargames terrains
a white building with blue windows on a blue background and the words contents of kit written below it
Churches, castles
a sculpture made out of concrete blocks on a white background
Terrain Showcase - MDF Winter city ruined buildings
a wooden door sitting in front of a building
this is a miniature castle made out of paper
Mini Monsters: Gelände WiP