("play me a dream" , written by previous poster, possibly the title, artist unknown.) idea for putting random things together

fab #illustration

mixed media drawing by Niki Pilkington : The bold color jump out at you against the sparse penciled images, and she somehow manages to make it look like her delicate figures are actually grasping the little paper goods that jut from her pages.

fab ciraolo

Edward Scissor Hands, version: Cultural Icons Remixed As Hipsters And Hooligans, in the world of illustrator Fabian Ciraolo.

Fab Ciraolo's Jesus

" The End is Near Better Go Shopping - Jesus " by Fab Ciraolo

fab ciraolo

Marilyn Monroe by Fabian Ciraolo. Marilyn wearing a Clap Your Hands Say Yeah swimsuit is pretty awesome too.

fab ciraolo

The Chilean artist Fabian Ciraolo, is a great illustrator and graphic design. I enjoy the colors he uses as well as the vintage environment that his pieces create.

fabian ciraolo

Santiago based illustrator Fab Ciraolo takes pop icons, models and superheroes and illustrates them with a modern and fashionable twist.