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an animal painted on the side of a large silo in front of a blue sky
Silo Art Trail - Australia's number one must do road trip - Great Australian Adventure
an old building with graffiti on it and a soldier painted on the wall next to it
route 66. two guns, az. 2007.
route 66. two guns, az. 2007.
a farm scene painted on the side of a silo with an old red tractor
This awesome rural scene is painted on the silo in Butler County, Ohio.
two large metal tanks with colorful designs painted on them next to a dirt road and trees
a man standing in front of a large painting on the side of a water tank
The Optical Journal
two large silos with pictures of horses and men painted on them
Pingrup silos, Great Southern region Western Australia
a large green bird painted on the side of a building next to a construction crane
an old coca - cola can sits in the middle of a field next to a grain silo
a large tank with a butterfly painted on it
TWOONE in Australia, 2017