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a dog wearing an orange life jacket with the words tips for potty training your boat dog
Train Your Dog to Potty Onboard - The Boat Galley
Can you cross an ocean with your dog? Of course. But you need to train them out to potty on board. Here’s how.
thanksgiving aboard a boat with turkey, potatoes and cranberry sauce on the side
Making Thanksgiving Dinner Onboard - The Boat Galley
Thanksgiving is coming. How will you cook a festive holiday dinner without an oven or stores nearby? Here’s help.
Should you stay on your boat in a hurricane? Probably not. But if you have no other choice, this is what you need to know. Boats, Caribbean Sea, I Need To Know, Life Facts, Words Of Encouragement, Boating, No Worries
Should You Stay Onboard in a Hurricane? - The Boat Galley
Should you stay on your boat in a hurricane? Probably not. But if you have no other choice, this is what you need to know.
a boat with the words products we love wind scoops keep cool on the boat
Cool Down with a 4-Way Wind Scoop - The Boat Galley
When the wind or current shifts, you have to change your wind scoop to keep a breeze coming down your hatch. That is, unless you have a 4-way wind scoop. Learn more here.
the logo for storage wins in the gallery, with several magnets on display behind it
Storage for Spices and Sharps - The Boat Galley
Knives and spices - 2 things that are difficult to store on a boat. Here's what we did in our galley.
a black dishwasher with the words, a second sink for the boat
Dish Drying on a Small Boat - The Boat Galley
How do you dry dishes on a boat without room to let them sit? Give this a try.
a dog with the words train your dog to pee on a boat
Train Your Dog to Potty Onboard - The Boat Galley
Cruising with a dog gets much easier once you train them to "go" on the boat. Here's how to do it.
a cutting board topped with fish and seasoning next to a bowl of sea salt
Flexible Cutting Sheets for the Galley - The Boat Galley
Flexible cutting sheets have a place in every boat or RV galley. They take up little room and help you avoid cross-contamination. Here’s what else they can do.
three slices of pizza sitting on top of a wooden cutting board with the words, 3 favorites from the galley
Galley Faves - The Boat Galley
Here are some ideas to fresh up your boat galley meals.
a red fire blanket hanging from the side of a building with text that reads, why have a fire blanket?
The Boat Galley
A fire blanket is a necessary on a boat--for your galley and for your engine.
a hand holding a cell phone with the text, cruising tips redundancy chart on five devices absolutely
Navigation Redundancy - Always Have a Backup - The Boat Galley
What's your favorite navigation tool when cruising? And do you have a backup? Or 3? Or 4? Here's why you should.
a boat with the words solar ovens on it and an image of a sailboat
Solar Ovens on a Boat - The Boat Galley
Can you have hot meals on a boat without heating up your galley? Sure! Just use the power of the sun. Learn about solar ovens on a boat.
a table with a measuring tape on it and the words creating your own router table
Makeshift Router Table - The Boat Galley
A router table is a luxury when you have limited space. But sometimes you need one for boat work. Here's how we made our own.
a sailboat with the words who's on watch?
Watch Schedule Considerations - The Boat Galley
What's the best watch schedule if you're cruising short handed? Here are what some cruisers do.
food allergen labels with chocolate, eggs and shrimp on the table next to them
Food Labels & Allergens - What to Know - The Boat Galley
If you, a crew member, or a guest have food allergy, you need to understand food labels. Here’s what you need to know.