El fabricante de los muebles ligeros que permite la libertad para un estilo flexible de la vida moderna, muebles que reflejan tu individualidad. Los muebles de Movisi son dinámicos, flexibles y modulares. Por esta razón se adaptan a las exigencias y necesidades que cambian permanentemente.
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Sofá Q-Couch modular de Movisi

Modular Seating - The Q-Couch designed by Frederik Van Heereveld, is an organically shaped modular seating arrangement that comes in eight bright colours with a usef.

CORAL CHAIR Silla Comedor

The Coral Chair takes its design from nature -- from the intricate, organic pattern of coral reef. The coral chair is made of engineered nylon with fibergl

BUILD Estantería

Crafted from EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), the roughly pentagonal shaped shelf forms the singular module of the BUILD shelving system.

MOIRÉ CHAIR Silla con Ruedas

Less Is Moire: Chair by Ton Haas for Workware / Harechair -

LINK BLANCO / NEGRO Mueble Auxiliar

LINK - Modular partitioning system LINK is a modular system designed by PearsonLloyd which features units, that link together to create free-standing.