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nine cupcakes with different colored frosting sitting on a cooling rack next to each other
Pantone cupcakes
the facebook logo is on top of some ice cream
Facebook-Flavored Ice Cream Is a Real Thing
a person holding up a small camera made out of cookies
Homemade Graham Crackers - Bakerella
"Instagraham" Cookies!
two pictures with green and white decorations on them, one has an animal face in the middle
This 'Angry Birds' Pigs Dessert Will Taunt Your Taste Buds
Angry Birds, Green Pigs macaroons
some cupcakes are decorated with different types of icing and numbers on them
iPhone App Cupcakes
a blue and white cake with the facebook logo on top that says comment adct
Top 10 List of Geeky Wedding Cakes
Facebook Cake