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the spanish letter s is written on a piece of paper with writing underneath it,
Cuaderno Guía de Consonantes
a poster with numbers and the words dicicembre written in black on yellow squares
the numbers are arranged in black and yellow squares, with one number on each side
a white board with an image of a bee and the words'come to asombie'written in spanish
Números del 1 al 5 cuaderno
a piece of paper with writing on it
atividade das vogais
an open book with spanish writing on it and blue circles in the middle, sitting on top of a table
the letter u worksheet with an image of a crab and letters in spanish
Ejercicios de atención para hacer en verano - Cuadernos para niños
the worksheet for spanish children's coloring pages with pictures of dogs and houses
an air plane is flying over the water
an image of a fish in a bowl with the words dentto / fuera
a cartoon mouse sitting at a table with a teddy bear on it's lap
the instructions for how to make hexagons in spanish and english with pictures on them
an activity sheet for children to learn how to write and draw letters with pictures in spanish
a paper cut out to make a cartoon character