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an old dresser with painted flowers on it
Lovely vintage shabby rose painted dresser...
a purple dresser with lavender flowers on it
SOLD! Lavender Vintage Dresser
SOLD This giant beauty was a project! She was head to toe, inside/outside nothing but covered veneer. (Meaning she was a nightmare to repair)...She has a new top, new side boards and new back base. Her drawers are in excellent condition. She will live a long happy life now! I call her Marie Clotilde of France. Born in Versailles in 1759, she became Queen of Sardinia by marriage to Charles Emmanuel IV of Sardinia in 1796. She was related to Marie Antoinette by marriage of her brother, King Louis XVI of France. She was of seven children, three being Kings of France. She grew up wanting to be a nun like her aunt Louise-Marie but due to political reasons she was arranged for marriage. Painted in a flat lavender, covered in lavenders and butterflies, with harlequin design on each side. drawer
a white dresser with several drawers on it
Dresser Makeover With Faux Caning
an old dresser has flowers painted on it
50+ Fabulous DIY Home Décor Ideas on a Budget
a white dresser with flowers on it
a person using a brush to clean a wicker basket on a tiled floor with black and white hexagonal tiles in the background
DIY Cane Wall Panels | Caning Furniture