Esteffy Sardelic Siric

Esteffy Sardelic Siric

Esteffy Sardelic Siric
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Kang Min Hyuk, Lee Jong Hyun, Cnblue, Dream Guy, Lee Jung, Jung Yong Hwa, Twitter Update, Crackers, Soap Opera, Women Dresses, Korean Actresses, Beautiful, Sitter

Kang Min Hyuk, Cnblue

Kang Min Hyuk, Cnblue, Stars, Korean Star

Cnblue, Kang Min Hyuk, Boys, Sitter

Kang Min Hyuk, Ps, Drama, Models, Cnblue


” The waitress sniffs “You can’t be in here. you’re a dog”. Klaus sighs and puffs up his chest “I’m all man and I don’t know why people keep getting confused. I’m sure it must be the moustache!