Giant Molten Chocolate Cake

This Giant Molten Chocolate Cake Will Become Your New Religion

Do You Know Which Blood Type Exercise Is Appropriate For You?

Summer’s here and the heat is on to tighten up your tummy for the pool or beach. If you want your belly to be bikini-ready fast you need exercises that engage all your abdominal muscles. This killer tummy-cinching routine works magic on muffin tops and th


Night sky lights Stanton Mountain from Lake McDonald at Glacier National Park in northwestern Montana Moon - Night sky lights Night sky lig.

"Wish upon any star," he said. "And your wish will come true." "Any star?" I asked. He smiled. "Yes, any star will do." I thought about a wish to make And turned to see a view. But all that I could think to wish was to just be with you. So flow to my eyes and wish I did As the night returned to blue, The wish star fell, and so did I...

the stars of the sky cannot be counted and the sand on the seashore cannot be measured." Jeremiah - or see Carl Sagan on the number of stars in the universe - the more we know about science, the more divine our actual existence seems