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the differences between starter and discard
Are Sourdough Discard Recipes Healthy?
an info sheet with instructions on how to make pancakes
the recipe for sourdough bread is shown in red and black text on a white background
instructions for making homemade oatmeal in a glass bowl
Sourdough Starter Recipe | Simple Easy Sourdough Starter Step by Step
This Sourdough Starter Recipe is just about as simple as it gets. Just water, flour, and a bit of time are all you need to get your sourdough starter going. In about a week you will have a starter of your own! For our handmade home challenge, we have been talking all things sourdough for the month of January. I did a post and video on how to reactivate a dried sourdough starter. I also shared several recipes to get you started. However, there were a few people who didn’t want to buy…
the ingredients for homemade sourdough bread are shown in this handwritten recipe diagram
How to Make Real Sourdough Bread - The Effortless Chic
a recipe for sourdough bread is shown on the counter
a diagram showing how to make sourdough starter for the first time in 30 minutes
Beginners Sourdough Starter recipe - Your one-stop Guide
Your one stop guide to making SOURDOUGH STARTER from scratch. This Ultimate Guide covers everything from how to make the starter, how to feed, troubleshooting common problems, maintaining, how to store and care for your starter. If you are just starting out stop your search right now because I have included everything under the sun in this post.
a recipe for sourdough starfruit with instructions on how to make it
the different types of breads are shown in this diagram, with instructions to make them
Scoring Bread – How To Score Bread Like A Pro!
the recipe for gluten free sourdough bread is displayed on an iphone