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a woman standing in the snow next to a car
a woman taking a selfie in front of a mirror
three people sitting in the back seat of a car
a large colorful mural on the side of a building next to a black metal fence
a man standing next to a white sports car in front of a large mural on the side of a building
a walkway leading to the beach with an umbrella over it
a woman sitting on top of a rock next to a pool with waterfall in the background
a person holding up a polaroid in front of a building
a round metal object with various stickers on it's side and graffiti all over the surface
a large waterfall in the middle of a pool with rocks and water coming from it
a woman walking along the beach towards the ocean
a tall building with palm trees in front of it
someone is standing on the sidewalk with their feet in front of a painted image of a frog
a stop sign covered in stickers on the corner of w 25th st and rox454