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a bowl filled with assorted veggies on top of a table
Yee Sang for Year of Dragon
Raw Fish salad recipe. It is known Yee Sang. This dish symbolises Prosperity, Good Luck ,Great Health and all thing auspicious.
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Miso Butter Salmon (Quick and Easy Miso Salmon Recipe for Weeknights)
Are you on the hunt for an unforgettable dining experience? Look no further than the exquisite world of miso-infused delights! Whether you're a seasoned epicurean or a novice in the kitchen, the allure of miso salmon, miso recipes, and the renowned miso butter salmon is simply irresistible. Among the plethora of gastronomic pleasures, the miso salmon recipe stands as a testament to culinary finesse and flavor harmony. Explore the tantalizing universe of miso-infused creations and elevate your palate to new heights with the symphony of umami-rich indulgence that awaits.
Tofu fajitas in a cast iron skillet. Tofu Fajitas, Vegan Fajitas, Fajita Vegetables, Fajitas Recipe, Vegan Tofu, Fajita Seasoning, Fajita Recipe, Easy Lunch Recipes
This Vegan Tofu Fajitas recipe is packed with plant-based protein and crunchy fajita vegetables. Spoon into warm tortillas and serve with your favorite toppings! It is quick and easy to make, great for busy weeknights.
Fried Rice - Easy and Better than takeout
This easy fried rice is easy, quick and tastes much better than takeout. Skip Panda Express and make it athomein just 20-minutes. This fried rice is perfect as a main course or a side dish, and it's guaranteed to please the whole family. Instant Pot and stove top instructions included. #friedrice
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Puli mullangi | Radish in tamarind sauce
Puli mullangi
crispy lemon pepper chicken wings on a white plate
Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings - Step-By-Step Recipe
These oven-baked lemon pepper chicken wings are crispy on the outside, moist on the inside, bursting with lemon flavor, and super easy to make #Wings #Recipes #Keto #LemonPepper
a piece of fruit sandwich on top of a black slate plate with flowers in the background
Fresh Fruit Cream Cheese Sandwich - Flavours Treat
Looking for creative ways to incorporate fruits in your kid’s diet? You really need to try this fruit sandwich.
the ultimate guide to easy tuna lunch ideas
Canned Tuna Recipes For Lunch (Great Lunch Recipes for The Office, Picinics or On-The-Go)
Believe it or not, a can of tuna is one of the most exciting things you can find in your cupboards! Tuna is protein-rich, filling, and extremely versatile. So if you are looking for some easy Canned Tuna Lunch Recipes that the whole family will enjoy, look no further than our top tuna recipes that will have you excited for lunch every day! Employ your cans of tuna for great office lunch, picnic staples or something quick to make over the weekend at home.
an easy potato dumpling recipe with text overlay that reads easy potato dumplings batata vada recipe
Batata Vada | Vegan Gluten Free Potato Dumplings - Best Snack Recipe
#indiansnack #vegansnack #partysnack #superbowl #football Batata Vada or Fried Potato Dumplings is a simple and easy-to-make, spicy, and delicious Indian snack or street food prepared using potatoes and aromatic spices in less than 30 minutes. This potato recipe is gluten-free and vegan.
pulled jackfruit burger on a cutting board with text overlay that reads pulled jackfruit burger
Pulled Jackfruit Burger Recipe (Vegan Burger With Pulled Jackfruit)
Indulge in the ultimate plant-based delight with our Pulled Jackfruit Burger recipe! Harnessing the versatility of jackfruit, this savory creation mimics the texture of pulled pork, delivering a satisfying bite. Our foolproof pulled jackfruit recipe combines smoky flavors and a medley of spices, creating a deliciously tender filling for your jackfruit burger. Elevate your plant-based culinary journey with this easy-to-follow jackfruit burger recipe that promises a hearty and flavorful experience.
Mushroom Wild Rice Soup
Wild Rice Mushroom Soup is a hearty, creamy and a delicious soup. Made with wild rice, fresh vegetables and greens. This easy, comforting soup is packed with proteins and veggies! This recipe can be made vegan and gluten-free. #livingsmartandhealthy #healthywildricemushroomsoup #vegetarianwildricemushroomsoup #wildricemushroomsoup #wildricemushroomsoupinstantpot #wildricesoup
Chickpea Veggie Patties - vegan, nut-free and protein-rich round patties made with colourful vegetables, chickpeas, a blend of spices and fresh herbs.
Mandarin Almond Salad
This Mandarin Almond Salad is an easy and delicious salad recipe with mandarin oranges that's gluten-free, vegan, and so incredibly fresh and bright!
Three Kartoffelknödel (German Potato Dumplings) on a white plate with bread crumbs and parsley. Potato Dumplings Recipe, German Potato Dumplings, Potato Dumpling Recipe, Cooked Potatoes, German Potato, German Potatoes
Kartoffelknödel (German Potato Dumplings) and Augsburg
A recipe for Kartoffelknödel (German Potato Dumplings) inspired by my time in Augsburg- Tara's Multicultural Table- Cooked potatoes are combined with eggs and potato starch, formed into balls, and lightly simmered until tender.