DIY felt boxes for small gifts!

DIY felt boxes for small gifts. DIY felt boxes for small gifts. 1 like Uploaded by user

Washi Tape How To / Tutorial

Washi Tape How to / Tutorial Washi Tape Rosettes tutorial.

DIY Envelope - How to fold an envelope from a piece of printer paper!

DIY Envelope with Washi Tape

Use regular printer paper and washi tape to make these seriously cute envelopes! Pair with a card and you're ready to gift to mom this Sunday. Get the folding and taping instructions from Kendra at Key Lime Digital Designs.

border is finished, #sharpie #art ✨ More

border is finished, haven't decided about what I'm putting in the middle yet!

Gratis Partido Imprimibles Owl para Chicas

Free Owl Party Printables Set for Girls

Free Owl Party Printables Set for Girls - set includes, blank owl invitation…

DIY gift boxes

DIY gift boxes (paper craft idea) with Hersey kisses (or other small treat or treasure) with stickers on bottom. or nice for party, event or shower favors.

wrap it up in gold.

For some shiny pink and gold packages, find some golden gift wrapping paper, a few sequins, some washi tape in the matching colors, string and whatever else youve got lying around.

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Lollipop covers

Risultati immagini per lollipop favors