Get the deco look: Sillón escandinavo y biblioteca de hierro y madera

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When pictures inspired me #156

bookshelves with open books and art.prop design and photography books open to a favorite spread so they can act as art

Loft de San Francisco con la biblioteca de doble altura y escalera

A key request from the client was ample room for books. "Brian had us promise that we would give him room to grow his collection," the firm says. The solution was a large library with walnut shelves that was custom-built by woodworker Tom Clossey.

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Wind freestanding composition in brown aluminum, mat laguna lacquered open modules, drawer units and storage units with matt verde muschio lacquered glass flap door.

Punt | Literatura Open

The highly customizable La Literatura can be configured to feature a hideaway desk and function as a shelving system against a wall or as a room partition.