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an abstract photograph of palm trees with multicolored balls in the sky behind them
Cokaygne — Chloe Sells
a woman's face is made up of squares
Meticulous and mesmerising collage work from Anthony Gerace
Anthony Gerace – There Must Be More to Life Than This
the back of a woman's head with multiple circles in front of her face
Jean Faucheur - Photographie 2000 ? 20..
Jean Faucheur - Photographie 2000 ? 20..
an old book with black and white images on it's cover, in the style of collages
Unauthorized Access
Dada Periodicals - Merz - Kurt Schwitters
Jane Hobson Farmer Art, Sculpture Collage, The Surgeon, Food Sculpture, Juxtapoz Magazine, Close My Eyes, High Art, Art Practice, Commercial Photographer
Juxtapoz Magazine - Geoffrey Farmer's Sculptural Collages
Jane Hobson
the man is holding up his camera to take pictures with it's own hands
Drew Leventhal
Drew Leventhal Photography |
a woman with glasses is looking at the camera and has multiple squares in front of her
Drew Leventhal
Drew Leventhal Photography |
a piece of paper that has been made into a wall hanging on the side of a building
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there is a plastic bag full of white bananas on the table and it looks like they are wrapped in plastic
Catherine Losing
Catherine Losing and Anna Lomax for an article on the commercialisation and development of modern prosthetics. Commissioned by The Wellcome Collection’s magazine, Mosaic. Photography - Catherine Losing Commissioned by - Mosaic Set Design - Anna Lomax Retouching - The Forge Model - Siobhan @ Hired Hands
an altered photograph of a woman with her mouth open
just another masterpiece
Katrien De Blauwer.
a man with his head cut out to look like he is surrounded by circles
Damien Poulain — Masks paper
Damien Poulain – Paper Mask, 2013 Ladies room: девушка в декорации из кучи самых…