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Viking Guitar

A Viking-motif Guitar! Hutchinson Guitar Concepts Norse SG, Viking themed guitar on a Gibson SG featuring a detailed carving of Odin with his two ravens Huginn and Muninn and at his feet his two wolves Geri and Freki

Retronix Guitar Project - by J. Backlund Design Guitars by J. Backlund Design Guitars — Kickstarter

Backlund Design Guitars is raising funds for Retronix Guitar Project - by J. Backlund Design Guitars on Kickstarter! Retronix is a new line of affordable instruments from J Backlund Design Guitars.

Make a High-Angle Smoothing Plane - The Woodworkers Institute

I have been making hand planes for a number of years and this little smoother is one of the most useful. Unlike metal planes the hard wooden sole will glide over the work. Indeed it becomes more slippery with use. The high angle, in this case 57 degre

Randall Custom Guitar Neck Support-I think I am going to use my router and circle cutting jig to make one of these.

This device is perfect for working on your guitar, whether you're cleaning or performing more serious work on your music machine. Since this safely-padded support rotates to fit the resting angle of t