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a church in the middle of a green field with mountains behind it and a quote about don't let yourself be controlled by three things people, money and your past
a person standing on top of a train track with a quote above them that reads, your kids will follow your dreams not your advice
a person looking out over the water with a quote above it that reads, lord help me to not become so distracted by the thing that's going wrong
Think about it
This saying hit me so hard. It’s all how you look at life. Read this graphic and then reread.
the six types of distraction in an infographal diagram, with text below
The Six Types of Distractions
In this article, we will tackle the different types of distractions and how to deal with each type. I’ll provide some examples of distractions and how to spot the signs. You’ll also have an assessment quiz to find out your main distraction, along with tailored solutions for you. #anti-procrastination, #distraction, #external-distractions, #infographic, #internal-distractions, #procrastination, #quiz, #simulation #digital-distraction #distraction-types
a woman walking down a road with a backpack on her back and the words, we live in an era of consumerism - it's all about desert - based consumers and it has nothing to do
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a poem written in black and white with the words self disliping prayer
a poem written in black and white with the words prayer against wasteing time on it