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how to install the crown molding on a ceiling in your home or office - step by step instructions
Three Ways To Elevate The Look Of Crown Molding (That I've Used In My Home)
an old wooden stair case with balls in it and some wood poles on the side
Portfolio — Margo Moore Interiors
a bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet paper roll on the floor next to it
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a man is painting the ceiling in an unfinished room with text that reads, tiling a ceiling why a steam shower needs an angled ceiling
How to Install Tile on a Steam Shower Ceiling. 
a green tiled bathroom with stairs leading up to the bathtub and sink, along with a large window
75 Bathroom Pictures & Ideas You'll Love - March, 2022
a man sitting in a bathtub with a bucket on the floor next to it
Bathroom / Process
"We built the low wall against the back wall of the tub as a place to store shampoo, soap, etc. without resorting to one of those over the shower caddies. Best of all, everything is within an easy arm’s reach whether you’re taking a shower or bath." good idea.
the instagram page on instagram com shows an image of a white house with arched windows
Homes for Sale Around the World
a bathroom with white walls and cabinets in it
13 Small Bathrooms with Big Impact - The Honeycomb Home
the walls are being painted with new wood, old wood and new paint on them
How to Add Box Molding to a Stair Wall
#stairsmakeover #renovation #remodeling