huevos pascua

Decoramos huevos de pascua, ¡Muy fácil!

No-Dye Floral Glitter Easter Eggs - Punch shapes from double-sided adhesive; attach to eggs. Pour different colors of glitter into separate bowls. Firmly roll egg in glitter and remove excess with a paintbrush. Repeat until you have the desired look.

the classics!

With Easter a couple of days ago, I have been seeing a lot of pictures of geeky Easter eggs floating around the internet and I think these Pokemon Easter eggs are some of the best looking.

Decorar huevos de Pascua con rotuladores

Decorar huevos de Pascua con rotuladores - Ideas para decorar huevos de Pascua

Tradicion huevos de pascua Barcelona (Spain)

El origen de los huevos de Pascua, de la prohición de comerlos a símbolo de la Resurrección

Huevos de pascua caseros

Huevos de Pascua caseros

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