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two blue butterflies painted on white and gold paint
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Kunstner Gro Mukta Holter – Galleri Holter
a painting of a woman laying on the ground with a butterfly flying over her head
Gro Mukta Holter - Vokteren
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a painting of a girl holding a blue butterfly on her back with water droplets all over the wings
Kunstner Gro Mukta Holter – Galleri Holter
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a blue butterfly is flying in the air on an ipad case that has been designed to look
Palavra Eficaz : Caifás
a painting of a cat reaching up to a butterfly in the air with it's paws
(2) impressionism painting of a cat catching a butterfly - Image Creator from Microsoft Bing
two cats are playing with each other in front of pink flowers and a butterfly flying above them
David Textiles Kittens & The Butterfly Panel AL-3820-9C-1