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Gardening Tips

All the gardening tips you need, from summer vegetable garden care to fall planting.
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Your ultimate summer gardening checklist
Keep these essentials, from tools to gear, nearby
5 fresh ideas for upgrading your summer harvest

Summer Gardening Tips

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Tips for making the most of your backyard in fall
Zinnia  There seems to be a zinnia out there for everyone. There’s the broody, dusky pink ‘Queen Red Lime’, the bright and happy ‘Uproar Rose’, and the simple, understated ‘Zinderella’ series. For fall colors, we love ‘Jazzy Mix’ and ‘Zowie’. Remember to stay on top of your deadheading for continuous blooms up until frost.
Lisianthus  Though it may seem counterintuitive, lisianthus is a great fall flower. At Sonoma County’s B-Side Farm, lisianthus gets planted in March, first blooms in July, and then is quickly cut to the ground and fed with organic fertilizer to encourage a second flush in fall. In a lucky year, it may flower right up until frost.

Fall Garden

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Buy It Once, Grow It Again: 5 Foods You Can Plant From Their Scraps
Heirloom root vegetables
Consult your community-garden leader about the nitty-gritty details of your community garden, like water sourcing and pest control.

Edible Gardening - Root Vegetables

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Even the best store-bought plum can’t rival one grown in your backyard. Here are our favorites, from a classic peach to some Seussian-sounding hybrids
Blood Orange Tasty to eat and gorgeous, with ruby red flesh and juice; flavor has raspberry overtones.
Stone fruit tree planting guide

Edible Gardening - Fruit Trees

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Annual salad garden
The best mustard greens for containers
This lovely front yard grows kale and collards within a rock wall border as a stream of herbs trail below. An easy to grow, ever-popular vegetable, kale makes a great addition to any sun-kissed front yard as seen here in a garden featured in Soler’s The Edible Front Yard.

Edible Gardening - Leafy Greens

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How a Los Angeles chef built up an urban garden
Get the biggest little garden with The Farmstand
This Bay Area garden designed by Pine House Edible Gardens paves the way to the front door with bountiful garden beds. Lined with purple sage and jalapeño plants on the right with lavender and kitchen herbs clustered along the left, the entire space is stylishly contained in squared-off plots.

Edible Gardening - Raised Beds

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There’s a kitchen garden right for your space
Once you get your tea garden going, consider adding these herbs and flowers to match your ideal scent and taste. Just grow, trim, and steep—you’ll be enjoying your perfect cup in no time. Citrus: Lemon grass, lemon verbena, ‘Lemon Meringue’ scented geranium Mint: Calamint, ‘Petite ­Delight’ bee balm Earl Grey: Lemon bergamot (Monarda citriodora) Licorice: Anise hyssop Herbal: ‘Berggarten’ sage, marjoram, thyme Floral: Chamomile, lavender, rose
32 Indispensable Herbs - Red Shiso

Edible Gardening - Herbs

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Get our crop list and growing guide, and enjoy homegrown greens in fresh salads, soups, and gratins all winter
Broccoli raab (Rapini): Leaves and small florets of 'Spring Raab' have a slightly stronger flavor than broccoli.
For best results, grow these crops to maturity in cool weather

Edible Gardening - Cool-Season Garden

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Pick sure things  All are easy to grow if they’re adapted to your region. In climates with a short or cool summer (at high altitudes and along the coast, for example), long-season beefsteak types won’t ripen well, but shorter-season varieties will. Cherry (salad) tomatoes are almost foolproof there and elsewhere in the West; our favorites include ‘Black Cherry’, ‘Green Grape’, ‘Isis Candy’, ‘Sun Gold’, and ‘Sun Sugar’. For a medium-size slicer, ‘Early Girl’ also produces well nearly everywhere.
Pick the perfect spot  Try to avoid planting tomatoes in the same spot every year; diseases build up in the soil and spoil future crops. Grow tomatoes in the same bed only every third or fourth year. If you have just one sunny spot for growing tomatoes, plant in large containers, and change the soil every year.
Outsmart nature  In mild climates, plant a few seedlings each week for 3 to 6 weeks, so flowers appear in succession and extend the harvest. In brutally hot inland areas, screen plants during midday. In cooler climates, locate tomatoes near a south or west-facing wall to reflect heat onto your plants.

Edible Gardening - Warm-Season Garden

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DIY: Grow Your Own Strawberries!
The best fruits to plant in cold weather!
Plant now: ‘Raspberry Shortcake’ Raspberry

Edible Gardening - Berries

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Mix it up by choosing edible plants for color
Grow veggies no matter the size of your plot
Harvest your front yard with these edible gardens

Edible Gardening - Other

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Clearing up myths about this centuries-old plant.
Orchards    “There is an upper orchard and a lower orchard; both are really nice to stroll through,” says Conway. “Our favorite spot, without question, is the river. We put in a seasonal dock for swimming and often take our wine down there to listen to the birds. It's a completely different microclimate on the river, which birds, fish, and game treat as their ‘highway’ up and down the valley. It's magical."
Master Bath    Enjoy a bath in the classic standalone tub with a view, or rinse off from a day on the farm in the subway-tiled shower.

Farm and Garden

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Small trees that don’t have a Napoleon complex
Kentia Palm Tree Yet there’s more to the palm than its starring role in vacation fantasies. Indigenous tribes used the West’s only native species, the California fan palm (Washingtonia filifera), as a resource for food, shelter, and tools. In-the-know desert travelers also recognized that spotting W. filifera usually meant that you had found water—they often grow near creeks and springs.
Palm Tree Varities That Became Western Icons Why the palm tree varieties that grow in the West are so iconic—and also ready for a makeover.

Garden Design - Trees

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Depending on where you live, you may find better conditions for your potted cactuscollection inside your greenhouse, as long as you’re able to keep the humidity down.
Add Variegation. Pair the vibrant yellow margins 
of a ‘Bright Star’ yucca with a bed 
of evergreen Frankenia thymifolia.
 Palette. Monotone is anything but monotonous when
 a garden is awash with shapes and textures. Pictured here are coniferous deodar cedar in the background with Euphorbia ingens, pride of Madeira, honey bush, and century plant in the foreground.

Garden Design - Succulents

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Tipi Tower  Like no tipi we’ve seen before, this made-in-the-U.S., weather-resistant, powder-coated steel frame comes in seven colors. It’s beautiful planted with edible or ornamental vines. Frankly, you can leave it bare and it’s still a statement piece.
Tipi Tower  Annabel Tipi Trellis, $1,149Like no tipi we’ve seen before, this made-in-the-U.S., weather-resistant, powder-coated steel frame comes in seven colors. It’s beautiful planted with edible or ornamental vines. Frankly, you can leave it bare and it’s still a statement piece.
12 Great Backyard Farm Ideas. A cherry on top. Cherry tomatoes grow up and over the Gracie Modern Arbors, fabricated in Los Angeles by Terra Trellis. Homestead Design Collective chose one type of cherry tomato per each trellis. For our inaugural season, pictured here, we grew ‘Black Cherry’, ‘Isis Candy', ‘Pink Bumble Bee’, and ‘Snow White’.

Garden Design - Vertical Gardens

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California Lilac
Top 10 Critter-Resistant Plants. Most pesky plant prowlers avoid strong aromas like lavender, so add a few to a sunny spot in your garden. Sun exposure and excellent drainage is required for all lavender varieties.

Garden Design - Wild Flowers

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Pairings greater than the sum of their parts
Plants for Pollinators  In early summer to fall, butterflies often sun as they sip on these daisylike blooms. Perennial; full sun.
Butterfly weed (Asclepias tuberosa)    Slender cones of flowers in spring and summer. Evergreen or deciduous; sun to light shade.

Garden Design - Companion Planting

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Take care of them now
A little tidying, a little mulch and you're good to go.
Salvia ‘Wendy’s Wish’

Garden Design - Seasonal

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stylish touches with rock, brick, gravel, and more
Leading the Eye In  A front-yard boardwalk made up of mostly slats of ipe wood gives the garden a sense of journey that Gimbel loves.
Hexagon Pavers   Surrounded by echeveria, Festuca glauca ‘Elijah Blue’, Gazania leucolaena ‘Pink’, and Leptospermum laevigatum ‘Reevesii’, these DIY stepping-stones are an experiment
 in concrete mulch, covering ground and suppressing weeds while allowing water to permeate. “I’m obsessed with hexagons, period,” admits Gimbel. Homemade hypertufa towers add height and visual interest.

Garden Design - Paths and Walkways

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An Understated Performance  The tone is set with potted Furcraea macdougalii and trailing Senecio radicans at the main entrance.

Garden Design - Texture

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The Gathering Space   Homestead Design Collective's lead designer took the reins on this room, using it as an opportunity to showcase the low-water, easy-care plants of the Sunset Western Garden Collection. He supplemented with playful additions, like succulents and other drought-tolerant accents. Cobbs describes this garden as “foliage-based,” meaning that the impact comes from colorful leaves rather than fussy flowers. The result is year-round structure and form, with next to no maintenance.
Upscale picnic  Decomposed granite provides a stable surface for this sophisticated picnic table from Artefact Design & Salvage. Offering some shade are three fruiting olives--one of several ornamental edibles that designer Stefani Bittner snuck into the design.
Add a bit of whimsy with a salvage wood bench, which adds vintage charm to the garden.

Garden Design - Furniture

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Sweet dreams
Naturalistic sanctuary
Coastal vibe

Garden Design - Small Yards

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Bring the contemplative ethos into your backyard
5 Steps to a High-Impact Entry Garden
Wood Features   When Gimbel first moved in, the backyard was a giant open space. He knew he wanted a seating area, but not one that felt lost in the landscape. He worried, though, that screening would feel claustrophobic. “That’s when I came up with these voids,” he says of the negative space and cutouts in the dividing wooden screen.

Garden Design - Garden Design

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Plant these for pops of great garden color
Yesterday-today-and-tomorrow: A quick-change color show is what you get from this aptly named plant. Blossoms turn from purple to lavender to white.
Heuchera: ‘Electric Lime’ heuchera is the perfect accent for a mostly green garden; its big maple-like leaves add a pop of bright lime that’s guaranteed to wake up darker green shrubbery.

Garden Design - Plants for Shade

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Gardening tote: This carry-all will give mom's green thumb a boost. The durable coated canvas and roomy pockets make it a long-lasting way to keep all those tools organized.  $135, shop.healdsburgshed.com/collections/farm-and-garden/products/circle-bucket-tote
'Showy' penstemon is the best choice for coastal California.
Lush and low maintenance

Garden Design - Gardening Tips & Tricks

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